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Inter Volleyball Club is one of the most important organisations in the volleyball community in the UK. Our top teams strive with the best line-ups in England and we are the first club in history represented by two women teams in the highest tier of the National League. Based in London, we are well rooted in the local community with men and women teams competing in the London League.

Our top teams strive with the best line-ups in England and London while our first division teams are always very competitive. Regardless of team or level, you can count on quality training and top-notch competition from a club family that provides a community for not only our athletes, but also their families.


  • We are competitive at all levels - one of the few volleyball club with both male and female teams competing at top level within National and London competitions

  • We are London based with great diversity - with 90+ registered players from more than 30 countries and different backgrounds brought together by the love of volleyball

  • We run community and youth development programmes - planning year round initiatives for the local community and working with Juniors


​We grow winning teams by building successful groups of athletes. We strive to provide the finest possible volleyball experience to every athlete that is involved in our program - as a player, person or coach.

The opportunity to help you "play your game" is our main focus providing training for all abilities and levels. Our athletes will learn the meaning of teamwork and develop the quality of sportsmanship in conjunction with learning to play volleyball at a highly competitive level.

​We aim to provide a respectful, competitive, and positive training environment where ALL athletes regardless of skill or experience look forward to practice in.

Season 2022/2023

Inter volleyball have ambitious goals for this season,

  • Men and Women Premier teams competing with the best teams in London are looking to have another campaign full of great results.

  • On Division 1 London league our women squads will fight again for promotion after being very close to achieve it for the last 2 years.

  • Exciting time for our Women National league teams. Last season Inter was the first club in history of National League to have two women teams in the top tier of the competition. For this season the challenge of keeping both teams in the division will remain in the always competitive Superleague.

  • After one full season developing our Junior programme is time to move it forward by entering the teams in competition where they can face new challenges.

  • After few year focusing only on high level competition this season we are happy to present our new project. A session for all of those that want to start practising volleyball, pick it up after a break or improve their skills in a fun and social way.


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